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William Payne, 20, NYU Student (Class of 2015)

Editor EDM Lounge – http://www.EDMLounge.com


What is EDM Lounge? Who founded the database?

EDM Lounge is an online database committed to attending electronic/house, trance/dubstep, and a variety of music festivals. We post reviews, videos, pictures and upcomming events as well as interviews with the artists themselves and much more. EDM Lounge was actually founded by a core group of NYU Students who essentially fell in love with this musical scene imparticular, which New York City catapults to a whole new level. Continue reading


First Of Many

Hellooooooooooooooooooo out there!

My name is Julia, feel free to call me Julie. I am an ambitious 23 year red head and social butterfly. Currently located in Jersey, centralized between two of the most populated cities in the United States: New York and Philadelphia. I tend to split my time between the two, in addition to attending events… Continue reading